Our Top Favorite Beers

College life is where school responsibilities and parties collide. Indeed, college is all about exams week, having a relationship, parties, and beer.

Work didn’t exist in our vocabulary in the first few years of college. Money was tight and you can only spend a few dimes for a beer and an extra late night pizza. Thus, if you are looking at cutting down your expenses but would want to participate in college parties and drink beer, here is a list of beers that are both affordable, smooth, and light—perfect for college students.

Lone star
This is probably one of my favorite beers of all time. It was once marketed as the National Beer of Texas for maintaining Texas brewery tradition.

Medalla Light
It is one of the tastiest beers of Puerto Rico. It is very easy to drink in warm weather as it has a refreshing taste.

Simpler Times
This beer is perfect for college students. Brewed in Wisconsin, this 12-ounce bottle is light and it doesn’t give that hard punch you don’t need especially when you have a class in the morning.

Rolling Rock
Now this one is probably the cheapest drinks you can get, but you can never go wrong in choosing it, especially when you are to drink it with meaty burger and barbecue. It has a clean and crisp note that you need for an abrupt backyard party.

Old Milwaukee
It is not a good drink for freshmen college student because of its wild taste, but for those of you who needs a good punch of alcohol, this is the best option for you.

Need I say more?

Busch Light
Busch Light is brewed perfectly with a bit blend of Premium American Hops, and a bit of malt and corn that gives this beverage a balanced flavor.

Coors Light
Try this when you plan on playing beer pong!

Miller Light
Miller Light is way better than any other beers, but mind you, this one’s got an expensive price tag for a college student. Oh, except if you’re born as a rich kid.

Keystone light
It’s our number one favorite as it leaves you with no hangover in the morning. It’s wallet-friendly as well.

Give these beers a try and tell us, which one is favorite. Or better yet, comment below your favorite beer. We might want to try it. And of course, let’s not forget to drink moderately.

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