Our Hawaii Vacation Meltdown

Hawaii has been touted as one of the best holiday destinations in the world, due to its sunny beaches and Aloha spirit. And indeed, there are hundreds of reasons one would want to go and live there. However, Hawaii has its downside. It has a different side that can make a visitor cringe. We were not lucky enough because we experienced that different side.


We were excited about the nice weather, but we never realized that finding a suitable spot was going to be a problem. Tons of visitors had crowded the beautiful beaches and the city streets, and there was literally no suitable space for us. Crowds were moving in different directions and it was hard to tell what they were up to or what was happening. We felt it was a bit depressing as we were forced to move around for a longer time before we could find a place we liked.


Traffic was another major nuisance in Hawaii. Oahu was crazy with traffic, especially during the rush hours, and that greatly paralyzed our movement. Worse, the roads were not very great as some were filled with potholes. On a typical day, we could find ourselves spending a longer time in the traffic jam and we were mostly exhausted by the time we reached our destination.

The traffic in Honolulu was also pathetic and mostly rendered us immobile even though we had an automobile. In Honolulu, we had to spend hours moving from one location to the next. But that is not all, the drivers are also out of their mind. Most of them violated traffic rules or behaved as if they had never undergone any training. They could possibly have been the reason behind the traffic menace.


At some point, while visiting Honolulu, I noticed that my colleague had been scratching his head; as if it had some bug that was bothering him. At first, we thought it was a regular itch, but the scratching intensified and we had to go and get him checked.

To our surprise, he had caught lice while in Honolulu. Clearly, we had come into contact with several local residents and that served as a good explanation for the lice. But we had not heard of any outbreak. After the discovery, we had to spend a fortune trying to seek treatment. We were not in the mood to take any chances.


The locals have names that they use for foreigners. For example, white people have been named Haole. The name made my white friends uncomfortable. It meant that since we were non-natives, we had to restrict our movement because locals could easily identify us. In fact, on several occasions we experienced firsthand the hate between tourists and natives. We were greatly disappointed that we were not welcome to some areas.


We hoped to have a life-changing experience in Hawaii, but that was not the case. The crowds were unbearable, the traffic was a nightmare, and one of my friends caught lice. Overall, we were disappointed.



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