Making Time to Make Money

College is a life packed full of schedules. Lessons, exams, home study, extra-curricular activities, and, of course, parties that pop like mushrooms from here and there. It is also the life where you start having college debts because of the rising tuitions. While most students tend to pay their debts five to ten years after school, you don’t have to go through this at all if you can make time to earn money on the side.

How, you ask?


Passive income
Passive income sources are the best way to make money when you have very little time. You don’t have to work on it full-time even. The best part is, most people who venture in passive income earn more lucratively than having to work a nine to five office-type job.
Here are passive income ideas you might want to try, whether you are a college student, work-at-home-mom, or someone who is looking for a part-time income source.


  1. Credit card rewards. Credit cards give points and rewards whenever you buy an item using it. So make sure you are getting these rewards. Some people earn as much as $700 to $1,000 per year just by using credit card rewards.
  2. Freelancing and doing online gigs. If you have the skills to write, do some graphics, work on photography, build a website, assist customers, become a virtual secretary, the World Wide Web has so much in store for you. You can even make your own blog selling your skills.
  3. Blogging. Put up a blog and make it highly relevant to people.  In this way, you will gain lots of traffic and visitors, and eventually, make money from the every site visit. You can even post ads, which will enable you to earn more for every ad click.
  4. YouTube-ing. You can monetize your YouTube channel by gaining subscribers, views, and likes.


Sell crafts or old items
You can do this online or you simply put a small stall in front of your house to display whatever it is you want to sell.

Sell food in a vending machine
With a vending machine, you don’t have to be there most of your time. You just need to have a good place to put up the machine. Choose a location where your target market is hanging out, and then visit your machine from time to time to do some maintenance, get your money, and load more of what you sell.

Buy and sell
Buy old stuff and then sell it for a higher price. It is best if you can buy something that you can still add value twice its original price. You can buy wholesale or from a factory.

Dog breeding
Do you love dogs? Well, you can not only make them as your pet, but you can also earn from their offspring. Just make sure that you can give utmost care and love for them while they are still in your care. Also, it is very important to assess the puppies’ forever home if they can really give the dogs’ needs such as food, good shelter, dog training, and most importantly, a loving family.

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