How to Make Money When You Have No Time

Making money has never been easy. Tons of effort and time is required to earn just a small amount of dollars, and yet, earning this amount is surely not enough to sustain your daily needs and expenses especially if you’re a student. In our modern world today, everything is expensive, be it food, clothing, or education. Due to economic problems, the monetary value continues to decline, causing goods, gas, and rental fees to be so expensive.

But don’t worry, there is always a solution to every problem. You can always earn money without spending too much time, but it’ll need a bit of effort for you to earn. College students want to earn money of our own. It’s our way of trying to be independent, and besides who wouldn’t want to earn at a young age.  But how do you make money when you barely have time?

Win a Contest
One way of earning money without much time is to join college-based or online competitions. It could be a beauty pageant, article writing, banner making, organization battles, or sports games between universities. These contest take less time but more effort. Exerting effort is okay as long as you’re enjoying it.

Write a blog
College students write all the time, so why not turn your writing into profit? Especially if you love writing, you can put up a blog and share relevant posts that will attract web visitors and eventually, this traffic will be the key to making profits from your blog. Moreover, it’s one way to enhance your skills in writing.

Offer your old stuff for rent
Do you have some old things that you are not using anymore and that are still in good condition? If you no longer use them, might as well have them rented so you can earn money. For instance, you have three bicycles and you’re only using one, instead of storing the other two, post a grab a bike ads in your neighborhood so they’ll know they can be rented. Or better yet, sell them!

Money lending
Do you have some spare to open a money-lending business? Instead of keeping the money for yourself, you can lend them to whoever needs cash and just place a few percent interest to increase the value of your money. Just make sure that you are lending your money to the right person who knows how to pay.

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