How Our Competitive Friendship is Positive

Competition in friendship or in any form of relationship is, most of the times, seen as unhealthy. The rivalry between two people can oftentimes heat up and may turn into a catastrophic event. However, for some people, competitive friendship can be positive. Well, if the two persons involved are matured enough to handle friendly competition, this is indeed possible.

When is competitive friendship positive?
You don’t want to just watch your friends achieving all of their dreams, do you? If you have a competitive friendship, you would certainly think of ways to reach your life goals, too. What’s good about having a true friend to compete with is that he will give you real knowledge about his experiences taking the journey to reaching his dreams. And you know what? You’d do the same.


Friendly competition is not the same as any kind of competition that is toxic and stressful. Rather, it is fun, exciting, and you will definitely reach out to the other person if you feel that he is on the losing end. You will notice that both of you will even support each other along the way.

When does it become toxic?
Competition in any form can bring stress and anxiety to the person involved. It becomes unhealthy when both parties no longer care for each other’s wellbeing, when two friends start to inflict pain and anxiety toward each other—be it physical, emotional, or mental.

Sometimes, friends lose track and make the other person’s life miserable for the desire to be on top of the game. If the other person is pushing you down and is already bragging about his accomplishments without giving you a little credit.

How to handle a highly competitive friend?
This is a simple problem with a very simple solution. Just talk to him or her constructively. You may throw your criticisms and point of views to your friend, but make your purpose constructive, not destructive. These are two very different forms of criticisms. One is rooted by love and care, and the latter is driven by lust and greed. Become more mature to handle the pressure and to know how to act on it with sane mind when it comes to the point where you or your friend has been eaten by greed and hunger to win the competition no matter what.

Don’t let your friendship be ruined simply by irrelevant competition. After all, it should be fun and rewarding for the two of you.

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