Dorm or Private Room

College life can be expensive. Especially with all the needed books, school requirements, extra-curricular activities, accommodation, food, transportation fees, and not mention college parties. With this, you need to think of ways to cut costs in order to make ends meet. And one thing that could save you hundreds of dollars is by choosing the right student housing building throughout your college years. But which one can really give you affordable rates and a healthy college environment—dorm or private room? Let’s find out.

A dorm is a room where bunkbeds or more than a bed is contained. These beds are available to anyone. It means you can have strangers around you in a room. While a private room is exclusively for you or someone with you only. These two work differently according to your needs and comforts. One works better than the other depending upon the situation you’re in.

Regarding the price, a dorm is definitely cheaper than a private room. So if you’re looking for a less expensive room, dorms will save you money. Living in a dorm can save you from many types of high expenses. However, if you want to stay in a much more pampered place, but still want to lower the cost a bit, you can just invite your college buddy in your private room and share expenses.

You might save money in dormitories but when it comes to security, a dorm is less safe than a private room. For minor possible reasons, first you will be having people around you, who may be strangers to you. Next is in regards with health issue, you might associate with sick students and be infected by them. Unlike being in a private room, you can refrain from these dorm issues and control the disease with just you or your college buddy. Other than these, there’s nothing to worry about living in a dorm. One thing you can guarantee about staying in a dorm is that they have individual lockers where you can keep your things safe from the others.

On meeting new friends
Security might be the risk in dormitories, but for others, this is a great opportunity to meet new people.  You can take advantage of the chance to associate with your school mates and hear some of their stories. But if you are not a crowd-lover-kind-of-person, then a private room will work for you better. Private room is more like an ordinary hotel room, except that there are others with you which will use the room facilities.

According to your needs, you can always choose one from these two rooms. Both can give you flexible rates as well the convenience that you need especially when you want to study for an exam.

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