Beer and College and Our Empty Wallets

College is one of the best days in a man’s life. Not only will you get to experience a lot of new and weird things but you also learn a lot of valuable lessons at this stage. Aside from learning your College Algebra and Physics and a lot of other subjects, which are really hard to enumerate let alone master in a period of one year, we also get to go out on a lot of parties, dates and other extra-curricular activities which mold our minds and personality. It is a known fact that most college students tend to explore a lot of things during these years including the opposite sex, their maximum alcohol dosage, the wonders of differential equations, integral calculus and the nightmares of final exams.

Emptying our bank accounts

One of the most common experiences among college students are empty wallets and tons of student loans. Student loans are very helpful especially if your parents are not very eager to send you money all the time. However, one of the best things about college is when you have a buddy which you can depend on. A friend who is always there to lend you a twenty dollar bill or two when you run short. A buddy you could have a cold beer with and have a lot of time chatting and planning for your future adventures.

It is always nice to have someone with the same mindset and passion as you. Especially if he is your roommate and close friend. Going through college without having some sort of income is hard. If you are the type of happy go lucky guy who loves to go around and buys each girl you meet a drink, then you would go bankrupt in a week.

Although not all students in college are big spenders, there are those who are thrifty and would rather stay inside their dorm rooms and study. While there are some who are engaged in sporting activities, fitness and other competitive events, there are also those who are big dreamers who are trying to accomplish their life’s goals as early as college. Whatever personality you may have, there are always things with which you spend your money on and we often fall short.

Happy days

No matter how hard college life may be there are always fun times which will be left in our memories. Good times where we cannot forget the experiences and the lessons that we have learned. One of the best feelings a college student may have is the feeling that comes at the time of graduation. It is a feeling of accomplishment and sheer joy of leaving all of those horrible math classes behind. Finally, no more torture. No more sleepless nights. No more final exams. And the best thing about all of these is that you get to find a job that pays you more than ten times what your part time job did.

Henceforth we can have all the fun in the world without the anxiety of spending all of our month’s stipend in one night. We can have all the beer we want and girls and food and just have fun. Well this is what most of us think. But in reality, we would be too tired from the day’s work that we barely could stand on our own at the end of the day.  What makes it worse is that we would have to wake up early in the morning to report back at the office for another grueling eight hours at the office.

It may be a fact that we could be earning more than ten times the money we were getting during college. Yet despite that money, we would have no time to enjoy them at all. In such a scenario I do not know which one is better. Having so much time and energy to have fun yet have no money, or having so much money yet not have time to have fun. I don’t know. What about you? What do you think?

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