Our Hawaii Vacation Meltdown

Hawaii has been touted as one of the best holiday destinations in the world, due to its sunny beaches and Aloha spirit. And indeed, there are hundreds of reasons one would want to go and live there. However, Hawaii has its downside. It has a different side that can make a visitor cringe. We were not lucky enough because we experienced that different side.


We were excited about the nice weather, but we never realized that finding a suitable spot was going to be a problem. Tons of visitors had crowded the beautiful beaches and the city streets, and there was literally no suitable space for us. Crowds were moving in different directions and it was hard to tell what they were up to or what was happening. We felt it was a bit depressing as we were forced to move around for a longer time before we could find a place we liked.


Traffic was another major nuisance in Hawaii. Oahu was crazy with traffic, especially during the rush hours, and that greatly paralyzed our movement. Worse, the roads were not very great as some were filled with potholes. On a typical day, we could find ourselves spending a longer time in the traffic jam and we were mostly exhausted by the time we reached our destination.

The traffic in Honolulu was also pathetic and mostly rendered us immobile even though we had an automobile. In Honolulu, we had to spend hours moving from one location to the next. But that is not all, the drivers are also out of their mind. Most of them violated traffic rules or behaved as if they had never undergone any training. They could possibly have been the reason behind the traffic menace.


At some point, while visiting Honolulu, I noticed that my colleague had been scratching his head; as if it had some bug that was bothering him. At first, we thought it was a regular itch, but the scratching intensified and we had to go and get him checked.

To our surprise, he had caught lice while in Honolulu. Clearly, we had come into contact with several local residents and that served as a good explanation for the lice. But we had not heard of any outbreak. After the discovery, we had to spend a fortune trying to seek treatment. We were not in the mood to take any chances.


The locals have names that they use for foreigners. For example, white people have been named Haole. The name made my white friends uncomfortable. It meant that since we were non-natives, we had to restrict our movement because locals could easily identify us. In fact, on several occasions we experienced firsthand the hate between tourists and natives. We were greatly disappointed that we were not welcome to some areas.


We hoped to have a life-changing experience in Hawaii, but that was not the case. The crowds were unbearable, the traffic was a nightmare, and one of my friends caught lice. Overall, we were disappointed.



How Apple is Changing the Marketing Game

Since the release of the iPhone, Apple has had one successful debut after another. There is now no denying that Apple is at the top of their game, turning each of their press conferences into a globally recognized event. More important than any design standard, leadership quality, or company philosophy, is Apple’s raw execution of marketing genius. If there is one thing that Apple has mastered, it is its ability to speak to their customers so well that they have become loyal. If you think that the tools that Apple uses are unique to big corporations, think again. There are many strategies that smaller businesses can take away from Apple to win over a loyal customer base as well. Here are five of them:

Use your audience’s language – Apple shy’s away from using too much techy over the head language in their ads. They know not to speak of gigahertz and processing power. Customers don’t care about this. Customers want to understand what the product can do for them. Present the tangible benefits first. For example, mention features that can be seen and used, like the quality of glass in your product.

Speak with authority – This doesn’t mean that you should hire Arnold Schwarzenegger to voice your ads. Apple shows us that rather than figuring out what your customer supposedly wants, that you should say and create exactly what you want instead. Do you make the best smoothies in town? Show your audience why and don’t wait to be told why. If you need courage, just look at how the critics treated Apple before their iPad release.

Build a family – Everyone knows that Apple’s fan base isn’t leaving anytime soon. Rather than changing up their marketing strategy in some drastic way, they embrace it. Find your niche and cater to it. Use ads to create a sense of loyalty between you and the customer.

The name – An ad isn’t about convincing people to buy a smoothie, or to use a car rental service. An ad is about selling Jamba Juice and Hertz, the brands. Go after the market for your service or product by becoming the face of that service or product, just as Apple has done. Remember that being first counts, to achieve this, use ads to differentiate yourself as soon as possible. While the iPhone wasn’t the first smart phone, Apple created one unique enough to make people at least think it was.

Video – Learn from the way Apple has taken full advantage of the rise of social media and how social media has changed the way online users communicate. Most notable is Apple’s ability to tap into that social network to use videos shot by real iPhone users as a means to advertise the iPhone’s video recording capacity. This is a perfect example of how online video can be used to showcase a product, the ultimate form of showing and not telling. You could always hire a local video production team with this root in mind, but if you’re limited on the budget then there are other alternatives. With the emergence of video app’s lie twitter, vine, instagram, and snapchat, the opportunities for releasing short video content for any business is virtually limitless.

How to Save Money With No Money

Do you want to save money with no money? That’s a bit complicated, but it is not impossible. First of all, saving can either be hard or easy depending on your habits, lifestyle and determination. Second, saving money without money is easy if you can get sort number one out first. So, if you want to save money, then here are a few things you have to understand.

Learn how to earn
Better than saving money is earning. If you have a bad spending habit then it is better for you to earn than to save. Saving money means that you have to earn more than what you spend every day. For example, if you are spending around 500 dollars per day, you must earn at least 501 to be able to save a dollar each day. On the other hand, if you are someone who knows how to take charge of their finances then it will be a lot easier. Curving your spending habits is important if you want to save money. If you cannot do this, then it will be hard for you to save money in the long run.

As I have learned from one multi-millionaire who was interviewed by a magazine once, he stated that he has heard a lot of people saying that they had a great idea for a business and that they think that it is going to work. However, they could not start the business because they lack financial support. He continues to say that the problem there is that they got it all wrong. He mentioned that in order to start a business you have to begin at the grassroots if you are financially incapacitated. They should focus first on service oriented businesses which are closely related to their target business. From there they could start their operations without spending as much money on capital. Then slowly crawl their way to their goal. From the proceeds raised by the service that they are offering, they could raise money to upgrade their business and start that which they originally planned. It will take some time but at least, they are moving and heading towards the right direction.

Saving money with no money
Money once held, is very hard to keep. The temptation to spend and indulge is very strong and most people often stumble and fall over this one. Instead of holding on to your money it is often more productive to put it into investments that can retain your money’s worth for a long time. Investments in precious metals, real estate properties, agricultural lands, etcetera, are all worth it. Not only will you be able to retain your money’s worth but you can earn from it as well.

If you are going to invest your money into some venture yet you find that you do not have much time and resources to cultivate and grow that investment, then it is important that you invest in something that will stay for a long period of time. Something that does not rot and cannot be easily taken away by someone else. Land and minerals are an example.

Once you have transformed your money into a property, then it would be harder for you to spend it rather than keeping it in a bank or safe. But when you are in dire need, then you can always sell the property and have your money’s value back and even gain a few dollars or more.

Saving money is not that easy especially in our generation today where in every move we make seems to need some sort of spending. However, with enough determination and clever thinking, we could achieve that which is unthinkable. In fact saving without money can be achieved by first earning it then transforming it into a piece of property or investment that will make your money’s value last.

Our Top Favorite Beers

College life is where school responsibilities and parties collide. Indeed, college is all about exams week, having a relationship, parties, and beer.

Work didn’t exist in our vocabulary in the first few years of college. Money was tight and you can only spend a few dimes for a beer and an extra late night pizza. Thus, if you are looking at cutting down your expenses but would want to participate in college parties and drink beer, here is a list of beers that are both affordable, smooth, and light—perfect for college students.

Lone star
This is probably one of my favorite beers of all time. It was once marketed as the National Beer of Texas for maintaining Texas brewery tradition.

Medalla Light
It is one of the tastiest beers of Puerto Rico. It is very easy to drink in warm weather as it has a refreshing taste.

Simpler Times
This beer is perfect for college students. Brewed in Wisconsin, this 12-ounce bottle is light and it doesn’t give that hard punch you don’t need especially when you have a class in the morning.

Rolling Rock
Now this one is probably the cheapest drinks you can get, but you can never go wrong in choosing it, especially when you are to drink it with meaty burger and barbecue. It has a clean and crisp note that you need for an abrupt backyard party.

Old Milwaukee
It is not a good drink for freshmen college student because of its wild taste, but for those of you who needs a good punch of alcohol, this is the best option for you.

Need I say more?

Busch Light
Busch Light is brewed perfectly with a bit blend of Premium American Hops, and a bit of malt and corn that gives this beverage a balanced flavor.

Coors Light
Try this when you plan on playing beer pong!

Miller Light
Miller Light is way better than any other beers, but mind you, this one’s got an expensive price tag for a college student. Oh, except if you’re born as a rich kid.

Keystone light
It’s our number one favorite as it leaves you with no hangover in the morning. It’s wallet-friendly as well.

Give these beers a try and tell us, which one is favorite. Or better yet, comment below your favorite beer. We might want to try it. And of course, let’s not forget to drink moderately.

How to Make Money When You Have No Time

Making money has never been easy. Tons of effort and time is required to earn just a small amount of dollars, and yet, earning this amount is surely not enough to sustain your daily needs and expenses especially if you’re a student. In our modern world today, everything is expensive, be it food, clothing, or education. Due to economic problems, the monetary value continues to decline, causing goods, gas, and rental fees to be so expensive.

But don’t worry, there is always a solution to every problem. You can always earn money without spending too much time, but it’ll need a bit of effort for you to earn. College students want to earn money of our own. It’s our way of trying to be independent, and besides who wouldn’t want to earn at a young age.  But how do you make money when you barely have time?

Win a Contest
One way of earning money without much time is to join college-based or online competitions. It could be a beauty pageant, article writing, banner making, organization battles, or sports games between universities. These contest take less time but more effort. Exerting effort is okay as long as you’re enjoying it.

Write a blog
College students write all the time, so why not turn your writing into profit? Especially if you love writing, you can put up a blog and share relevant posts that will attract web visitors and eventually, this traffic will be the key to making profits from your blog. Moreover, it’s one way to enhance your skills in writing.

Offer your old stuff for rent
Do you have some old things that you are not using anymore and that are still in good condition? If you no longer use them, might as well have them rented so you can earn money. For instance, you have three bicycles and you’re only using one, instead of storing the other two, post a grab a bike ads in your neighborhood so they’ll know they can be rented. Or better yet, sell them!

Money lending
Do you have some spare to open a money-lending business? Instead of keeping the money for yourself, you can lend them to whoever needs cash and just place a few percent interest to increase the value of your money. Just make sure that you are lending your money to the right person who knows how to pay.

Making Time to Make Money

College is a life packed full of schedules. Lessons, exams, home study, extra-curricular activities, and, of course, parties that pop like mushrooms from here and there. It is also the life where you start having college debts because of the rising tuitions. While most students tend to pay their debts five to ten years after school, you don’t have to go through this at all if you can make time to earn money on the side.

How, you ask?


Passive income
Passive income sources are the best way to make money when you have very little time. You don’t have to work on it full-time even. The best part is, most people who venture in passive income earn more lucratively than having to work a nine to five office-type job.
Here are passive income ideas you might want to try, whether you are a college student, work-at-home-mom, or someone who is looking for a part-time income source.


  1. Credit card rewards. Credit cards give points and rewards whenever you buy an item using it. So make sure you are getting these rewards. Some people earn as much as $700 to $1,000 per year just by using credit card rewards.
  2. Freelancing and doing online gigs. If you have the skills to write, do some graphics, work on photography, build a website, assist customers, become a virtual secretary, the World Wide Web has so much in store for you. You can even make your own blog selling your skills.
  3. Blogging. Put up a blog and make it highly relevant to people.  In this way, you will gain lots of traffic and visitors, and eventually, make money from the every site visit. You can even post ads, which will enable you to earn more for every ad click.
  4. YouTube-ing. You can monetize your YouTube channel by gaining subscribers, views, and likes.


Sell crafts or old items
You can do this online or you simply put a small stall in front of your house to display whatever it is you want to sell.

Sell food in a vending machine
With a vending machine, you don’t have to be there most of your time. You just need to have a good place to put up the machine. Choose a location where your target market is hanging out, and then visit your machine from time to time to do some maintenance, get your money, and load more of what you sell.

Buy and sell
Buy old stuff and then sell it for a higher price. It is best if you can buy something that you can still add value twice its original price. You can buy wholesale or from a factory.

Dog breeding
Do you love dogs? Well, you can not only make them as your pet, but you can also earn from their offspring. Just make sure that you can give utmost care and love for them while they are still in your care. Also, it is very important to assess the puppies’ forever home if they can really give the dogs’ needs such as food, good shelter, dog training, and most importantly, a loving family.

How Our Competitive Friendship is Positive

Competition in friendship or in any form of relationship is, most of the times, seen as unhealthy. The rivalry between two people can oftentimes heat up and may turn into a catastrophic event. However, for some people, competitive friendship can be positive. Well, if the two persons involved are matured enough to handle friendly competition, this is indeed possible.

When is competitive friendship positive?
You don’t want to just watch your friends achieving all of their dreams, do you? If you have a competitive friendship, you would certainly think of ways to reach your life goals, too. What’s good about having a true friend to compete with is that he will give you real knowledge about his experiences taking the journey to reaching his dreams. And you know what? You’d do the same.


Friendly competition is not the same as any kind of competition that is toxic and stressful. Rather, it is fun, exciting, and you will definitely reach out to the other person if you feel that he is on the losing end. You will notice that both of you will even support each other along the way.

When does it become toxic?
Competition in any form can bring stress and anxiety to the person involved. It becomes unhealthy when both parties no longer care for each other’s wellbeing, when two friends start to inflict pain and anxiety toward each other—be it physical, emotional, or mental.

Sometimes, friends lose track and make the other person’s life miserable for the desire to be on top of the game. If the other person is pushing you down and is already bragging about his accomplishments without giving you a little credit.

How to handle a highly competitive friend?
This is a simple problem with a very simple solution. Just talk to him or her constructively. You may throw your criticisms and point of views to your friend, but make your purpose constructive, not destructive. These are two very different forms of criticisms. One is rooted by love and care, and the latter is driven by lust and greed. Become more mature to handle the pressure and to know how to act on it with sane mind when it comes to the point where you or your friend has been eaten by greed and hunger to win the competition no matter what.

Don’t let your friendship be ruined simply by irrelevant competition. After all, it should be fun and rewarding for the two of you.

How We’re Handling Our College Tuition

Going in college is quite exciting and stressful. Almost every college student are having series of “how to” thoughts in mind. One of the first and major things to think about is how to handle college tuition and finances.

To prepare for your college finances, it is best to know the cost and all the possible sources available to meet your college tuition and other expenses. Below are ways to help you handle your college payments.

Take financial aid
Due to continuous rising of tuition fees, it is important to search and learn where to get some support for your college payments. Aside from your parents, government and some organizations are now lending scholarships, grants, and financial support for in-need college students. They offer financial aid to assist your pocket in providing money for your college expenses. You can apply with their different financial aid plans and program that fits your needs and qualification.

We advise you to first make a budget of your college tuition, you can check the website of your school for your total college payments. After having a list of your total needs, you can start sourcing for available and possible sources of income, considering your living condition, to support your college expenses.

Apply for scholarship or grants
If you know you can pass through college with your skills and determination, then there’s no way you cannot make it happen. Money is always a problem, but actually you can be in college simply by being an A-student in class.

If you think you are qualified to be a scholar, then do so. You can apply to a number of scholarships offered by government, organization, foundation, and some private group or person. You can search online where to avail scholarships and grants according to your qualification and situation. A scholarship or receiving a grant are the two best ways to help you with your college tuition.

Costing and budgeting: Other expenses
After assuring your college tuition, it is best to prepare for other expected and more surprising college life expenses. Aside from tuition fees, part of your expenses in college are the following:

• School supplies expenses
• Books
• Food expenses
• Transportation fees
• Dorm, rental cost
• Parties and hang-out expenses
• And other miscellaneous expenses

Those are basically what you’ll be needing when you enter college. There could be more such as medical expenses, emergency savings, smartphone load plans, internet connection plans, and so on. These things cannot be ignored because they are part of college life. So, to make sure you will not be off budget, list down all of your possible expenses and make a budget plan on how you will cover them all. How are you going to raise funds if you don’t want to rely on anyone? And what are your possible solutions in case you face a financial constraint in the future?

In college, you not only get to learn your basic subjects, but you get to learn how to be responsible of your own expenses and learn how to wisely spend your money.

Easy Meals for Dorm Living

University life can be hard. Aside from balancing our time between studying and partying, we also have to budget our money for dorm expenses and, of course, meals. ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’ is totally true. But all work and play, with no food, makes Jack even duller. There’s nothing worse than feeling tired, sluggish and low on energy due to being hungry. It’s simply impossible to study or even party on an empty stomach.

Thus we compiled these quick and easy meals for dorm living.

The Idiot-proof breakfast-in-a-Mug

All you need is:

• A ceramic mug (Of course!)
• A spoonful of butter (That’s assuming you have a small fridge in your room. If not, just ask a tablespoon from a friend working at the cafeteria)
• 2 whole eggs (Yes! That’s minus the exasperating task of segregating the yolks from the whites.)
• A spoonful of water or milk
• Salt, pepper and cheddar cheese, to taste

For roughly 30 seconds, preheat the ceramic mug containing butter only.
Add the water and eggs, season with salt and pepper, and microwave again on high.
After 45 seconds, remove from the microwave and stir for even cooking.
Cook for another 45 seconds and sprinkle with cheddar cheese.
If you’re vegetarian, replace eggs with tofu. Ditch the milk and cheese if you’re vegan.

Pasta It Is

Who says we can’t enjoy fine dining in the limited confines of our dorm room?

All you need is a cup of pasta, a microwavable bowl and pasta sauce.

• Put the uncooked pasta into the bowl and add cold water, just enough to cover the pasta. Yup! Cold water is a tried-and-tested trick for quicker cooking pasta.
• After maybe 10 minutes in the microwave, check to see if the pasta is ‘al dente.’
• Heat up the pasta sauce in another bowl. Or you may try olive oil and salt to taste.
• Top with your favorite herbs and spices and Voila! Pasta it is!

Chocolate Cake for Two

If you’re craving for something sweet and easy to whip up, here’s one to share with your dorm buddy.

All you need are five spoonfuls of chocolate cake mix, two spoonfuls of yogurt, a spoonful of diet soda, and a microwavable bowl.

• Grease the bowl with oil or butter.
• Stir the cake mix, yogurt and soda into the bowl until batter turns smooth and creamy.
• Microwave on high for a minute and a half, or until the surface starts showing cracks.
• Let cool before transferring to a plate. Sprinkle with chocolate chips or even ice cream, if you have them.

With just a microwave oven, you won’t have to miss out on healthy and hearty meals.

Dorm or Private Room

College life can be expensive. Especially with all the needed books, school requirements, extra-curricular activities, accommodation, food, transportation fees, and not mention college parties. With this, you need to think of ways to cut costs in order to make ends meet. And one thing that could save you hundreds of dollars is by choosing the right student housing building throughout your college years. But which one can really give you affordable rates and a healthy college environment—dorm or private room? Let’s find out.

A dorm is a room where bunkbeds or more than a bed is contained. These beds are available to anyone. It means you can have strangers around you in a room. While a private room is exclusively for you or someone with you only. These two work differently according to your needs and comforts. One works better than the other depending upon the situation you’re in.

Regarding the price, a dorm is definitely cheaper than a private room. So if you’re looking for a less expensive room, dorms will save you money. Living in a dorm can save you from many types of high expenses. However, if you want to stay in a much more pampered place, but still want to lower the cost a bit, you can just invite your college buddy in your private room and share expenses.

You might save money in dormitories but when it comes to security, a dorm is less safe than a private room. For minor possible reasons, first you will be having people around you, who may be strangers to you. Next is in regards with health issue, you might associate with sick students and be infected by them. Unlike being in a private room, you can refrain from these dorm issues and control the disease with just you or your college buddy. Other than these, there’s nothing to worry about living in a dorm. One thing you can guarantee about staying in a dorm is that they have individual lockers where you can keep your things safe from the others.

On meeting new friends
Security might be the risk in dormitories, but for others, this is a great opportunity to meet new people.  You can take advantage of the chance to associate with your school mates and hear some of their stories. But if you are not a crowd-lover-kind-of-person, then a private room will work for you better. Private room is more like an ordinary hotel room, except that there are others with you which will use the room facilities.

According to your needs, you can always choose one from these two rooms. Both can give you flexible rates as well the convenience that you need especially when you want to study for an exam.