About Me

We’re two close friends who met in college! How did we become close friends? Beer. Yes we’re in college and probably do drink too much. We’re only in our 20’s once though! But why do why are we so into beer you ask? It’s a social thing, a stress reliever, a community that involves genuine people. One night at our favorite local bar, we were getting into some deep conversations with some fellow college strangers, and we found ourselves opening up about the day to day struggle of being a college student in today’s world.


I’m Spencer and I’m Frank. We come from to different worlds, but our mindsets couldn’t be more similar. On that night at our favorite bar, on our Uber ride home Hary brought up this simple idea “lets start a blog where we can talk about everything that we opened up about tonight, those students we’re total strangers to us, yet we were connecting with them over the same issues.” So here we are! Geeks On Beer.